Independent Production
Independent Production
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The mission of the independent feature-length documentary film "Umbilical Cord" is to provoke social change. The importance of the film's message is a responsibility to make it freely available to all regardless of origin, status, age, gender, beliefs or country of living. "Umbilical Cord" is freely available online in full length and quality, and also for free download. In addition the film is available for free to cinemas, events and TV programmes as long as the no-commercials-policy is followed. "Umbilical Cord" is made for the cinema! We've put great effort into your cinematic experience in terms of visual expression and sound so we do recommend it.

This is a not-for-profit project! If you wish to support the cause and mission, spread the message, take a leap forward in your own life and choose local Natural agriculture!

The Andromeda Effect

Original visuals, original sound and original music - shot, directed and recorded for the film and by the filmmakers! No stocks, no studio shots, no green/blue screens! Only natural light! Coloring with the original natural light qualities and conditions in mind. No makeup, no dressup! All authentic looks and surroundings!

The Andromeda Effect we call the phenomenon when the desired artistic effect is achieved by adapting to the dynamics of the natural filming environment instead of trying to control it and turning a defected prevision of the scene into a perfected end result. We came up with this name when due to equipment issues the composition and timing of the opening starscape timelapse changed thus placing the Andromeda Galaxy in the perfect trajectory to appear and disappear in the right moment aiding the desired effect of the scene.

Director's Statement

This is my first film! Made with low-budget but high emotional investment! Pure expression, undimmed, untouched, unspoiled by any rules or schools, therefore unconventional in every aspect!

The film was mainly created by a team of 4 including myself without any previous professional experience in the field. We only had our inspiration and will when we started it and they kept us going challenge after challenge along the way together with the growing responsibility towards the people involved and the message of the film. It was done in-house, completely independent, without any sponsorship or product placement. All production processes and stages - pre-production, filming, editing, sound design and mixing, color grading… even trailer, poster design and website - all the work to make this film happen and reach to you is kept within the team.

What we aim to achieve is to inspire people for change - even one is enough but two, hundreds, no matter, the more people the better - because in such times it becomes paramount to invest energy and resources for a better tomorrow? This is the least everybody should do!

Genre & Style

Conceptual documentary employing visual narrative and uncontrolled single-take interviewing.

Visual narrative will walk you through the How-To not as a tutorial but as a full spectrum experience of a whole season of Natural Agriculture - from Spring to Autumn - leaving certain aspects to the viewer's imagination thus involving any personal knowledge and worldviews to participate in the unveiling of the overall story. The Why-To is presented by uncontrolled single-take interviewing. Protagonists interviewed have not been aware of the questions or the form of the end-material before they sit in front of the camera. Left to express freely and honestly, vocally or through body language and appearance, their individual attitude and idiosyncrasies are preserved during the editing even if it has led to an overall unconventional feel of the final cut.

Thus "Umbilical Cord" follows its own path and is not inspired by any particular genre and style. Freestyle, freeform, free spontaneous expression and inspired by the moment directing and cinematography. The original script basically acted as an instrument for guidance, location scouting and rough planning and it evolved naturally along the way just like an organism would react to the dynamics of its ecosystem. The plot bends the rules of conventional storytelling leaving the structure untouched by dogmas and taboos. The antagonist is vague and uncertain as it is in life itself. The film lacks exaggerated drama. We believe that melodrama is not a natural phenomenon but a human interpretation of natural processes giving an ultra-natural texture of reality itself to nourish the feel of supremacy over Nature.

The Protagonists

Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist ALEXANDER VATCHEV


"The place does not matter, the roots are what matters."
  • Born: 1983 in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2008
  • Garden/Farm: FIDANOTO @ Bryagovo, Parvomay Region, Bulgaria


"The sky is the same everywhere…"
  • Born: 1990 in Bourgas, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2014
  • Garden/Farm: FIDANOTO @ Bryagovo, Parvomay Region, Bulgaria
Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist MIRIAM KOZHA-VATCHEVA
Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist IVAN MOMCHILOV


"A bird can make you happy…"
  • Born: 1986 in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2007
  • Garden/Farm: KITENLAKA @ Lenovo, Asenovgrad Region, Bulgaria


"I'm the richest man in the world!"
  • Born: 1973 in Chirpan, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2012
  • Garden/Farm: DOMASHNO.ORG @ Sredno Gradishte, Chirpan Region, Bulgaria
Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist BOYAN SAVOV
Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist ANI MAVROVA


"The worse it gets, the more people like us will emerge."
  • Born: 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2004
  • Garden/Farm: DOMASHNO.ORG @ Sredno Gradishte, Chirpan Region, Bulgaria


"For me, the choice is simple."
  • Born: 1980 in Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2019
  • Garden/Farm: THE GREEN GARDEN @ Gradina, Parvomay Region, Bulgaria
Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist KRASIMIR KOSTOV
Umbilical Cord Film Protagonist YOVKA KOSTOVA


"The coin always has 2 sides."
  • Born: 1986 in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria
  • Natural agriculture since: 2019
  • Garden/Farm: THE GREEN GARDEN @ Gradina, Parvomay Region, Bulgaria

The Filmmakers

Boris Pophristov

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Sound Design
  • Music Mixing
  • Color Grading

Miro "JOSE" Markov

  • Cinematography
  • Editor
  • Sound Design
  • Music Mixing
  • Music & Voiceover Recording
  • Color Grading

Tsvetan "BBOY" Meglenchev

  • Cinematography
  • Sound Recording
  • Music Mixing
  • Actor - Conceptual shots

Mirena Vaseva

  • Host
  • Voiceover
  • Music Mixing
  • Actress - Conceptual shots

Making of

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Initial Interviews
Location Scouting & Planning
Color Grading
Music Recording & Mixing
Sound Design

Original Soundtrack

3 days of improvisation hot-summer sessions impressed by a rough-cut of the film in the uplifting vibe of a Plovdiv underground music bar.

Just like an Umbilical Cord the original music serves as a bridge between the Earthly and the Cosmic achieved with spontaneous expression by authentic artists through ethno instruments. Atanas Petkov - kaval, Sanya Barakova - handpan, Dimitar Grudev - tambura, Dimitar Georgiev - tapan, Nikolay Stefanov - didgeridoo.

Screening & Broadcasting

"Umbilical Cord" is available freely for screening and broadcasting at cinemas, TV programmes, as part of festivals, online and in-person events as long as no commercials are aired or displayed (on the same screen) in any form right before, during or right after the screening or broadcasting.

We place no restriction on the entry fees or ticket prices and do not require profit sharing or reimbursement in any way so the requesting party can cover expenses and even profit from the screening and broadcasting as long as the no-commercials-policy is strictly followed. The film's promotional materials are also available freely by request.

Request screening or broadcasting by dropping an email to Please include a brief description of the event, targeted audience, motivation for screening/broadcasting "Umbilical Cord". Also by sending the request the requesting party automatically agrees to follow the screening and broadcasting policy.

Why no-commercials-policy?

While some commercials may carry value and positive purpose, most of them are advertising products and services that violate the values, concepts and ideas of the film and airing them together is unacceptable incompatibility.

Spread The Message

What you are holding in your hands is a seed, it's an idea. But only through planting and taking good care of, an idea can grow to become a change in the real world.